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From a sandal considered unaesthetic, Birkenstock has become a real social phenomenon, forever transforming the world of fashion and ugly culture.Let's see which celebrities have converted to the world of Birkenstocks and can no longer do without it ... (King Princess is on the cover) Read More
Contemporary luxury women's footwear demonstration of authentic Spanish footwear workmanship. Read on to learn more... Read More
Sophisticated accessories, manufactured with the highest quality materials to make your every outfit elegant and unique. "Everything comes from an idea, which becomes a project and then a product. Innovative manufacturing and continuous experimentation with new materials, a process that is embellished by hand finishing, our signature. " Read More
New line of shoes by Guidi Calzature.
After many years Guidi Calzature has managed to create its own brand in collaboration with prestigious shoe factories. Made in Italy design, quality leathers and precision in the details is what Guidi Calzature shoes guarantee you! Read on and discover all our products! Read More
Shoe components: Discover with us how shoes are made!
Hello everyone, today we will know all the components that a shoe must have to be considered quality! . Read on to learn more. Read More
How are bags made? Come and discover it with us!
The varieties of bags and materials are endless but today we will focus on leather ones produced by hand by artisans. Read on to find out all the processes and learn more! Read More
Find out with us how belts are made!
Whether worn for function or for fashion, a well-made leather belt can last a lifetime. Let's find out together how they are made. Read on to find out all the processes and learn more! Read More
Discover the new shoe collections in vogue among musicians!
Are you ready to discover the names of famous singers and musicians wearing Cult? Today we will travel within the punk culture, between usual singers and bands, to discover the favorite footwear of this movement. . Discover all the models and combinations with us, continue reading the article! Read More
Discover the favorite shoes of VIPs too!
Today we will peek inside the wardrobes of some of the most influential personalities of the moment, from supermodels to famous singers. Let's find out which footwear brands are most talked about among celebrities right now. . Let's start with the influencer par excellence and inventor of new fashions, Chiara Ferragni, who today will amaze us with the colorful heels by Roberto Festa Milano. Read More
Make your feet shine with Alberto Venturini's sparkling models
Alberto Venturini, an icon of made in Italy, affirms his versatility by offering a complete range of models: from the elegant line of glittered sandals to sneakers, always using new and innovative materials. Discover all the new arrivals with colors and models on our Online Shop and continue reading the article to discover all the perfect combinations for Alberto Venturini shoes. Read More
Sergio Levantesi: class and comfort in one shoe.
Sergio Levantesi thanks to his great experience and his taste for fashion has managed to create shoes with heels of great femininity but at the same time comfortable.  Guidi Calzature offers the best of Sergio Levantesi with Chanel, Pumps, sandals with heels and much more. He reads on to find out more. Read More
Emanuélle Vee: femininity, safety and style outside the box
After thirty years of experience in the world of shoes, Nazzareno Amatori gives life to his brand. Always fresh and trendy Emanuélle Vee offers shoes that are always in step with the times but with a unique design and DNA. Keep reading the article to discover all the Emanuélle Vee news! Read More
Discover all the news of the spring summer 2021 shoes
Finally the heat has arrived and you don't have suitable shoes to match your spring outfits? No problem, we at Guidi Calzature are here for you! . We will go and see not only the usual sandals but… jewel sandals, sneakers, pumps and much more! Continue reading the article to find out more! ! Read More
Poesie Veneziane: classic but avant-garde design
Style, avant-garde, and Italian design are three words that fully describe the wonderful shoes of Poesie Veneziane. . continue reading the article where we will explain the various models and how to best match them! ! Read More
Gherardini: for the practical woman who doesn't give up on glam
With their particular material called softy, which also makes them waterproof, Gherardini bags are perfect for any occasion. Come to our Online Shop to discover all the models and sizes available! Read More
Summer is approaching and you still don't want to give up the punk style? No problem, discover the brand new Cult sandals!
Don't give up on the punk style, choose Cult Run on our Online Shop to see all the models and sizes available ! Read More
For the rebellious but elegant woman: Rebelle free to choose
Are you tired of the usual bags? The new Rebelle brand is what you are looking for! The innovative design and bright colors will bring a breath of fresh air to your every look and everyone will be amazed. Read More
Sneakers, never again without!
Comfortable, original and perfect for any occasion. What do the styles in vogue of the moment have in common? The sneakers. Sneakers, once defined only as sports shoes, have conquered everyone's hearts. Read More
JP DAVID, the made in Italy you did not expect!
Those who hear the "Jp David" brand for the first time probably do not imagine that its nature is 100% Italian, but it is just like that! Jp David was born from the search for precious materials of the highest quality that are processed and assembled with ancient mastery in the Caserta area, it is the symbol of a made in Italy that offers a refined product rich in meticulous details. Read More
For an unmistakably personal and unique look; VERSACE JEANS COUTURE!
Why is Versace's Jeans Couture line special? Because each garment adapts perfectly to your needs, being able to wear it every day without sacrificing the uniqueness and elegance that only a brand like Versace possesses. Read More
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