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Sergio Levantesi

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Sergio Levantesi

The Sergio Levantesi brand was born in 1988 thanks to the homonymous Sergio and his wife Anna.
After several years in the footwear sector, Sergio decides to open his own company and fulfill his dream and that of all women: to create elegant and comfortable shoes with heels so that they can walk all day. On our Online Shop you will find a wide range of pumps and sandals with heels, what are you waiting for? Visit our Online Shop to better see the fantastic Sergio Levantesi shoes!

Decolte Sergio Levantesi

Sergio Levantesi pumps are perfect for any occasion and season. For an informal ceremony with the most basic colors or an evening with friends with the most cheeky colors, Sergio Levantesi pumps are always perfect! Run to see the products and fantastic offers we have designed for you on our Online Shop

Sergio Levantesi heeled sandals

Sergio Levantesi heeled sandals give an elegant touch to your summer. From the sandal with a ballerina strap for an elegant and refined outfit to the more classic sandals with heels for an elegant or casual otfit. Come and discover all the models and sizes available on our Online Shop!