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Guidi Calzature

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Guidi Calzature

Finally Guidi Calzature is pleased to announce the shoes signed by us! After so many years, we have managed to create our own brand in collaboration with prestigious shoe factories, thanks to them we can guarantee 100% of the quality of our shoes! Made in Italy design, quality leathers and the utmost attention to detail is what we guarantee the shoes signed by Guidi Calzature!

Guidi Men's Shoes

The Guidi Calzature Man products chosen for you focus on the best men's footwear such as ankle boots, moccasins and the inevitable lace-up.

Ankle boot Guidi Calzature Man

The Guidi Calzature ankle boots have a classic but also avant-garde style. From the classic ankle boots with laces to the more modern ones with elastic on the hips, the Guidi Calzature ankle boots are made with the highest quality leather. Perfect both in a binding context and for a more casual evening.

Boot Footwear Man

The Boot designed by Guidi Calzature have a unique style and are always fashionable! We have chosen classic colors such as black, brown and blue always in great style! Perfect for both a winter walk or an elegant event. With the Boot Guidi Calzature your look with a fashionable accessory!

Lace-up Guidi Footwear Man

The Guidi Calzature lace-ups range from elegant classics to more “sporty” ones. The classics are perfect for an important ceremony while the others are good for both the office and everyday life. As for the models listed above, very high quality leathers are used, 100% made in Italy design and great attention to detail.

Without Strings Guidi Men's Shoes

The shoes without laces by Guidi Calzature will give a touch of class to your look! Perfect both for an important ceremony, even if you don't want to match the dress with the usual lace-ups, and for an evening with friends paired with a pair of jeans. Amaze everyone with the slip-on shoes signed by Guidi Calzature, everyone will notice the 100% made in Italy quality and design that Guidi Calzature can offer you!

Moccasin Guidi Footwear Man

The Guidi Calzature moccasin is an elegant yet sporty alternative that can never be missing in a man's wardrobe! Perfect both in summer and in winter, for an elegant ceremony or even for a walk by the sea, in short, it is the perfect shoe for any occasion! In addition, thanks to the Guidi Calzature brand, you will have the certainty of finding the highest quality leathers, 100% Italian design and attention to detail.