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Brecos was born in 1975 and immediately proposes an innovative style for those looking for a fresh and comfortable shoe. The company is made up of less than 50 people but has always stood out for its impeccable work thanks to the workers, artisans and designers who have the common mission of spreading one of the most appreciated examples of Made in Italy around the world.
Thanks to its characteristics, the company has been an example for detailed and sophisticated footwear for over thirty years.

Men's footwear

Brecos has designed the best Italian footwear for all men as it takes over 200 processing steps to give shape to a single shoe and the brand meticulously controls all of these; from the strictly ecological dyeing phase to manual cuts, from seams to the application of accessories.


This model may seem classic but thanks to the rounded tip and the meticulously hand-stitched seams it adapts it to the "college style".
The sole is made of leather, synonymous with refinement but also with resistance.
It is available in black, blue and dark brown colors.


For those looking for a daily but at the same time comfortable shoe, the Brecos lace-up is for you. It is made entirely with Italian leather selected and worked by the skilled hands of artisans who make the shoes unique pieces.
This model is also available in classic colors.


Streetwear is a casual style that also involved the new Brecos sneakers collection. The rubber sole allows ample mobility and the leathers with which they are made guarantee support in all movements.
They are cool, comfortable and suitable for those who love walking!