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Tosca Blu

Tosca blu

Tosca blu was born in 1978 thanks to Giacomo Ronzoni who, starting with leather accessories, continues with the creation of bags. Tradition and purely Italian design distinguish the beautiful Tosca blu bags made of the best leathers. In addition, Tosca blu also offers a wide range of shoes always made with the principles listed above. Guidi Calzature offers a wide range of Tosca blu bags and shoes, visit our Online Shop to see the elegant and exuberant collections!

Tosca blu bags

The Tosca blu bags on our Online Shop are suitable for every age and occasion! We go from the classic Shoppin bags suitable for the office, to the beautiful Backpacks perfect for a day with friends. All made of the highest quality leather and with a 100% made in Italy design! Wines on our Online Shop to discover the fantastic offers designed for you!

Tosca blue shoes

The Tosca blue shoe selection is perfect for winter! With the fantastic poles you will always be comfortable and fashionable. These too, like the bags, are made with the best leathers and with a 100% made in Italy design. Very youthful thanks to the higher sole and also to the glossy white and glossy black colors. Come to our Online Shop to see all the models and offers available!