Product quality comes with customer service quality. This is a solid truth for footwear as well!

Who visits our online shop must breathe the same atmosphere that surrounds our customers at the store. Due to our experience, we guarantee efficient and total customer service. Why should we call it “total”? Because we follow footwear lovers since they have fallen in love with a shoe until they will wear it happily.

We explain you how…


If you need help, you can directly talk to us. Let us hear your voice! Our helpline is ready to assist you, before and after your purchase. You’ll find our helpline number on the online shop homepage or among our contacts!

Call us to tell us your needs.



Fast shipping

Fast shipping is one of the strengths of our online shop! In Italy, we deliver in 48 hours. In Europe and US, you’ll have your shoes in 3-5 days, just in time for your events.

Shop your footwear at the beginning of the week in order to be ready for the weekend!

Secure payments

Last but not least you should know that, besides our warranty of experience and quality, you can count on secure payments methods and easy procedures of return. Your shoe doesn’t fit as you have thought?

Our customer care is at your service!

Enjoy all the advantages of shopping on the online shop which considers customer care a priority. You’ll be completely satisfied! Visit the online shop or come to the store!